Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Where 2013-14 SAIS applicants come from

Our 2013-14 class has started to take shape now that candidates have submitted applications for all but one of our programs.

Below is a map showing the countries where the applicants to SAIS Bologna and SAIS DC come from. Applications for all 2013-14 Bologna programs were due on January 7. All applications to SAIS DC except from MIPP candidates (who face a February 15 deadline in Washington) were also filed this week.

The Admissions Committees in Bologna and DC will start reviewing the dossiers in coming days. Those committees will be communicating their decisions in the first half of March, and admitted candidates will have several weeks after that to decide.

One thing that is already clear is that SAIS will continue to be the diverse community that helps to set it apart. There is diversity by nationality, as shown by the map. There is also diversity by background, experience, culture, age, perspective and interests.

Is your country on this map?

View SAIS applicants' nationalities in a larger map

Nelson Graves


Anonymous said...

Hahahah Macedonia isn't in Uzbekistan

Nelson Graves said...

Thank you for catching that unfortunate but unintended error, Anonymous. We have corrected it.

Any other mistakes anyone can see? Please tell us, and we'll fix those, too.

Anonymous said...

Slovenia is spelled incorrectly as "Slovania." Is this the list of people's current residency or their citizenship?

Nelson Graves said...

Another sharp-eyed reader has caught an unintended error, which we've corrected. Thank you. The countries represent applicants' citizenship, not where they currently live. As your question implies, with the mobility of our candidates and our students, home country and residence often do not match!

Anonymous said...

Yayyy! Georgia! <3