Thursday, January 17, 2013

Financial Aid: The Student Mosaic

Paying for one's graduate education can be a financial challenge.

SAIS offers financial aid to many incoming students. As Bart Drakulich, director of Finance and Administration, explains in the video below, aid helps ensure SAIS has the quality and diversity that set it apart.

"We offer a significant amount of financial aid," Drakulich says. "We are not trying to be a school just for wealthy people."

Many applicants will be requesting financial aid from SAIS. The deadline for applications and supporting documents is February 15. Here are the two forms:

- for non-U.S. students who want to start in Bologna
- for U.S. students

There is a wealth of information on financial aid -- both grants managed by SAIS and alternative sources of funds -- on our website: click here and here.

"There's a little bit of science and a lot of art in this process," Drakulich says when asked how SAIS allocates grants. "Aid is used in a way to attract students who we think would fit well into this mosaic."

Financial aid decisions will be communicated to applicants at the same time as decisions on admission -- in mid-March.

Most students combine a mix of sources of funds, which can include grants, loans, savings and earnings, to make ends meet. We'll be writing more about this in coming weeks.

If you are reading this via email, you can see the video here.

Nelson Graves

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