Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The next steps

Our candidates have submitted their applications. They are now looking to the next steps.

Here is a rough calendar going forward:
  • mid-January: candidates are informed if anything is missing from their dossiers
  • January-February: non-U.S. candidates to SAIS Bologna are interviewed
  • February 15: deadline for financial aid applications
  • Early March: SAIS Bologna Admissions Committee meets
  • Mid-March: Candidates are informed of the admissions decisions and financial aid
  • April 15: SAIS Bologna Open House for admitted candidates
  • Late April, early May: deadline for admitted candidates' decisions
We are receiving lots of questions about three topics in particular: transcripts, interviews and financial aid.


Each candidate should have arranged to have their undergraduate institution send us an official copy of their transcript.

The transcript can be sent in one of two ways:
  1. Through an electronic service;
  2. By mail to:
          SAIS DC Admissions
          1740 Massachusetts Ave, NW
          Washington, DC 20036

For more information on transcripts, consult the application instructions.

Keep in mind that an application is not complete and cannot be acted upon by the Admissions Committee until an official copy of the candidate's undergraduate transcript is received.


We will be contacting non-U.S. candidates to SAIS Bologna in coming days to set up interviews with members of the Admissions Committee. The Committee is composed of senior faculty and staff.

Most interviews are conducted over the phone or via Skype. One faculty member or staff member will conduct each interview. We will be holding face-to-face interviews in a number of cities in Europe and in New York and Washington, DC.

We've written quite a bit over the past two years on interviews, emphasizing that they are an opportunity for candidates to put their best foot forward. If you want more information, you might want to read these posts:

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Please keep in mind that there is no advantage to doing the interview in person, over the phone or via Skype. In each case the applicant has the opportunity to strengthen their candidacy.


Financial aid requests are due by February 15. Here are the forms:

For non-U.S. candidates to SAIS Bologna
For U.S. candidates to SAIS Bologna

Supporting documents are also due by February 15.

We have written quite a bit about financial aid, too, over the past two years. Here are some of the posts:

Financial aid
The cost of graduate school: Investing in your future
Spending wisely

As always, if you have questions, drop a line to admissions@jhubc.it.

Nelson Graves

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