Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Combining the abstract and the practical

Since its inception, SAIS has combined the theoretical and the practical to educate leaders able to tackle a range of challenges. It is in its DNA.

In January, 15 SAIS students traveled to Honduras to help build classrooms for an elementary school in a small town. The trip was one of many organized by students to complement learning in the SAIS classroom.

"Service trips are a perfect way of turning what we learn in the classroom into real-life experiences," Rose Stratmeyer, a first-year SAIS student, told the bimonthly publication SAIS Reports.

During this year's winter break, students from the Bologna, DC and Nanjing campuses traveled to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia, Britain, China, Hong Kong, India, Netherlands, South Africa and several Southeast Asian countries to participate in study and career development programs.

The same issue of SAIS Reports explores work by the International Reporting Project, which for 15 years, while many mainstream media organizations cut back foreign coverage and bureaus, has been encouraging media coverage of global issues.

Interested in summer courses at SAIS? On the last page of SAIS Reports you can read about the kinds of courses offered in June and July.

Nelson Graves

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