Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keeping in touch with this Journal -- and a quiz

There are many ways to keep in touch with this Journal.

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Recently we ran a list of the most popular posts since we launched the Journal in late 2010.

Now a pop quiz for our readers. The first reader to answer both questions correctly will win a SAIS Bologna tee shirt:
  • Which Internet browser has been most used by readers since the Journal was launched?
  • Which operating system has been most used?
You can send in your answers either through the comment box at the bottom of this post or by sending an email to

(Mark got the right browser in his answer in the comments below. Now, what has the most popular operating system been if not the one he guessed? Put the two together, and the tee shirt is yours.)

Nelson Graves


Mark said...

I'm going with Google Chrome and Apple OS.

Nelson Graves said...

Mark - Thanks very much. You've got the right browser. Can you say what the right OS is?

Adam said...

I'd say Google Chrome and Android for OS.

Nelson Graves said...

Adam - Thanks much. Chrome, yes. But it's a different OS. Can you guess which one?

Adam said...

Would it be Microsoft Windows (in particular Windows XP and Windows 7)?

Nelson Graves said...

Adam - That's right, Windows has been the predominant OS over the past 2-1/2 years and Chrome the prominent browser. You win a SAIS Bologna tee shirt. Could you send an email to, with our address and shirt size, and we'll mail one to you. Thanks very much for reading the blog and for participating in the quiz.