Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Looking ahead: the next steps in the admissions process

Candidates are asking us what the next steps in the admissions process will be after interviews.

Quite right: it's always good to have a positive attitude and never too early to think ahead.

Here's a timeline from now until the SAIS Bologna Class of 2014 starts the fall term:

FEBRUARY 15: Deadline for applications for financial aid. Non-U.S. citizens who want to start their SAIS studies in Bologna should use this form and email the form and supporting documents to finaidbologna@collaborate.johnshopkins.edu.

Other candidates should use this form.

MID-MARCH: Candidates will be told if they are admitted or not. Candidates who are admitted and who had asked for financial aid will be informed in the same communication whether they received aid and, if so, how much.

APRIL 15: Admitted candidates will be invited to Open House at SAIS Bologna. This is an opportunity for the candidates to meet students and faculty and to see the Bologna Center and the city for themselves. While all admitted candidates are invited, we understand that most live simply too far away and will not be able to come. That is why Amina and I stand ready to answer questions at any time.

Admitted candidates who live in the United States will be invited to the SAIS DC Open House, which will be held in Washington on April 10.

APRIL 20: Deadline for admitted candidates who have been granted aid or who did not request aid to accept the admissions offer.

MAY 1: Deadline for admitted candidates who have not been granted aid to accept the admissions offer.

MID-MAY (date to be determined): Deadline for registering for the online Principles of Economics course. Enrolled students must have passed introductory courses in both micro and macro before being able to start their studies at SAIS; the online course is specially tailored to these students' needs.

LATE MAY: Closed Facebook group formed for incoming class.

AUGUST 12 (tentative): SAIS Bologna's housing service begins. Many students take advantage of our housing consultant to line up accommodation and roommates.

AUG 21-SEPT 17: Pre-term in Bologna.

SEPT 18-20: Orientation and registration; all students must be present at school by September 18.

SEPT 23: First day of fall semester classes.

Nelson Graves

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