Thursday, February 28, 2013

Conflict Management: the ethical and moral dimension

Are you interested in improving the human condition?

You might be suited for the Conflict Management concentration at SAIS.

In the video below, Prof. Terrence Hopmann, director of SAIS's Conflict Management program, describes why students choose the concentration, what kinds of backgrounds they often have and what they end up doing after SAIS.

Michael Cornish, who is currently a student at SAIS Bologna, in this recent post told us why he chose Conflict Management (CM).

Prof. Hopmann said CM concentrators want an ethically and morally desirable course of study and can come from a variety of backgrounds. They end up in a range of jobs in both the private and public sectors.

His advice to prospective candidates? To get as much international experience as possible, including in the field.

CM concentrators produce an original research project before they graduate. Students generally identify the topic for their research in the first year and complete the project in the second year.

They also can participate in the Peacekidz workshop, which allows SAIS students to teach children from disadvantaged backgrounds how to manage conflict in their daily lives. Second-year SAIS students go on a field trip in a conflict-ridden region.

In previous years, CM concentrators have traveled to Kosovo, Tunisia, Haiti, Northern Ireland and Cyprus. Next year students will go to the Philippines, Myanmar or Thailand and speak to government officials and representatives of organizations that promote conflict resolution.

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Amina Abdiuahab

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