Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quiz: Who is this man?

Let's see how quickly our readers can solve this riddle:

He came to Bologna as a schoolboy and grew up to become one of the world's richest men and a sage of the digital age. Who is he?

The first person who sends in the right answer gets a SAIS Europe tee shirt and a choice of one of five books recently published by Bologna Center faculty.

Please send your answers via this blog's comment section or by email to

(The answer is in the comment below: Eric Schmidt of Google.)

Nelson Graves

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Nelson Graves said...

We have a winner. Alex Augustine, a current SAIS Europe student, was first with the correct answer: Eric Schmidt. Alex, who recently won another of our quizzes, has magnanimously donated his prizes to our second-place finisher, Angelos Angelou, who attended the Bologna Center last year and is currently at SAIS DC. Bravi, Alex and Angelos.

Schmidt came to Bologna at age 8 with his father, who was a professor of International Economics at the Bologna Center. Schmidt, of course, later went on to become CEO of Google. He has spoken at SAIS DC twice in the past few months, delivering the annual Rostov Lecture last November and appearing again last week to discuss his new book, "A New Digital Age".