Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Showcasing SAIS's depth and breadth

China in Africa. Womenomics. Intra-Asian trade. Brazil's central role on the world's stage.

SAIS professors, students and graduates tackle critical issues facing the world's emerging markets and showcase the graduate school's depth and breadth in a new magazine.

SAISPHERE's focus in the latest edition, emerging markets, follows last year's theme of cities. The expertise inculcated at SAIS is on display in both.

Contributors in the current edition include John Lipsky, a visiting international economics professor and former IMF first deputy managing director; Kathy Matsui (DC'90), a senior manager with Goldman Sachs in Japan, and Dominique Thormann (BC'77), Renault's chief financial officer.

Two dozen recent books by faculty are highlighted, on topics ranging from Machiavelli to Al Qa'ida. Not to be undone, alumni boast another two dozen tomes, including "Memoirs of the Bādshāh ī Mosque" by recent SAIS Europe graduate Talha Jalal (BC'12).

In his introduction, SAIS Dean Vali Nasr says the magazine "charts an innovative way of thinking about the phenomenon of emerging markets -- looking beyond their promise of growth to assess how they are encountering the challenges of rapid change and forging unprecedented patterns of global economic, political and trade interactions."

With its multidisciplinary curriculum and language instruction, SAIS offers a unique prism to its students and intellectual leadership to the world.

Nelson Graves

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