Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finance in the real world

Finance is fun. Really.

The BC Finance Club is a 40-member tour-de-force of personality and progress. Finance wasn’t studied at SAIS Bologna at the outset 57 years ago. But in recent years it found its home in the curriculum and is now a specialization under the International Economics concentration.

Pondering higher finance
Why? Because finance plays a key role in the global economy, influencing development, environmental management and myriad other issues of interest to SAISers.

What does the Club do? Answer: Lunch & Learns, Field Trips (including a visit to the Ducati factory), meetings with alumni in finance, tailored career services sessions, online stock market games.

Our members explore what finance means in the real word and get a sense of how learning about finance might change their perspective or future career path. The real draw is that we’re able to provide opportunities that just don’t fit into a Finance class.

Prof. Roger Leeds
The Finance Club is lucky to have the support of Prof. Roger Leeds, whose classes make up the Finance foundation for all SAIS Finance students. At our last meeting he was MC for a a showing of the movie “Inside Job”. Nearly 50 students attended (not in the least lured by pizza and beer). The movie, based on the 2008 financial crisis, was followed by a Q&A session with Prof. Leeds.

The Q&A lasted until the school closed for the night -- and then continued at a local osteria.

We plan to join the Finance Club in DC, and we hope the next group of bolognesi continue the tradition in SAIS Bologna. I mean, why not? Ridiculously popular, lots of fun, and incredibly informative.

Who could resist?

Larissa Muir (BC'12)

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