Friday, March 9, 2012


We've published quite a bit of serious matter of late, and candidates deserve a break from the grind.  Time for a quiz.

The prize? A SAIS Bologna tee shirt to the first person to answer correctly.

Question: What is this building's connection to SAIS Bologna?

You can send in your answers via the comment box below or by sending an email to


Nelson Graves


Alin said...

Not an easy question but Google maps always helps!
This building situated on Largo Alfredo Trombetti was SAIS's first home in Bologna.

A short history of Bologna Center can be found here:

Nelson Graves said...

Bravo, Alin. You are quite right; this was not an easy quiz. How did Alin get the right answer? He used Google Earth. "I simply explored some other streets around SAIS to see if I could recognize the building, keeping in mind the color and the type of curtains (because that was particular). After a while, I found it, and by typing Largo Alfredo Trombetti on your website, I quickly found out all the information about the building." A real sleuth. By the way, the building is at Largo Trombetti 3 -- about 300 meters from our current location.