Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The next steps to the finish line

SAIS Bologna candidates are understandably getting itchy as they await the outcome of their applications to study here in 2012-13.

Here are the next steps in the process for non-U.S. candidates (U.S. candidates, who are handled by the DC Admissions Office, have already been contacted):

- Faculty and staff on the SAIS Bologna Admissions Committee have been interviewing candidates and reviewing the dossiers. Their work is about over. The committee will meet next week to take its admissions decisions. We hope to communicate those decisions to all candidates by Friday, April 6.

Some important details such as financial aid grants, economics or English language requirements and admission to the International Development concentration may have to wait a few more days. We are aware that some candidates will be facing deadlines from other programs, and we want to make sure they have time to take the best decision.

We are planning two events to answer any questions from admitted candidates and to enable them to know us better:

1. an online Q&A session planned for April 25;
2. Open House at SAIS Bologna on May 3&4.

We'll be circulating more details on these events later.

- There are two separate deadlines for admitted non-U.S. candidates to matriculate:

May 9 for candidates offered financial aid;
May 16 for all other candidates

- The summer online Principles of Economics course for any incoming students who have not satisfied both the introductory micro and introductory macro requirements starts on May 23.

- The deadline for registering for the SAIS Bologna pre-term is July 2. The pre-term session will run this year from August 27 to September 19.

The pre-term session in Washington will run from July 30 to August 25. The deadline for registering for the DC session is June 29.

If you are a candidate awaiting the Admissions Committee's decision, why not use the next few days to make  a mental note of what you've learned during the process? It could end up helping you in the future.

Nelson Graves


Anonymous said...

Applicants might be a bit tight with time - some schools want us to respond to their offers by April 15. Hopefully the financial aid data from SAIS will be out by then for the admitted applicants!

Nelson Graves said...

Thank you for raising that point. We are indeed aware of deadlines from other schools. We do plan to give candidates enough time to weigh all of their offers. That would hold true for the April 15 deadline you mention.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nelson!
Let me first of all thank you for the journal and the whole info you provide us with. Being highly concerned about the deadline, I wonder if there is any possibility to receive results on the admission and fin aid before April 12th...as the deadlines for some particular programs are really tight...
Thanks once again!

Nelson Graves said...

Thank you, Ana. We do hope to communicate both the admissions and the financial aid decisions before April 12. We understand that many candidates have deadlines facing them around mid-April, and we want candidates to be able to take the best possible decisions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your understanding!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nelson, thank you for the great posts and for the valuable information. I look forward to receiving the admission's decision and have been working on correcting my mistakes and improving on what I have learned during the application process. It has been a very enriching experience! All best, Cristiane V.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Graves
It's probably a bit late for those questions now, but how exactly will all the important decisions be communicated? The Homepage says Online system, does that refer to the website we entered our information into and that until now says "submitted" under application status? Will we also be notified of admission and financial aid decisions by E-Mail?

Thanks for all the information and keeping everyone up-to-date with this awesome blog!

Best regards,


Nelson Graves said...

Felix - You're not at all too late with your question. We will be communicating the admissions decisions via email in the next few days. Eventually we hope to post them to the ApplyYourself system that you used to apply, but the initial communication will be via email.