Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The theoretical and the practical

SAIS Bologna students appreciate the mix of academics and practitioners who make up the faculty.

The faculty's expertise spans the theoretical and the practical, and gives students the grounding they need to make their mark on the world.

Prof. David Unger
David Unger brings a special perspective to SAIS Bologna.

Prof. Unger has been an editorial writer at the New York Times for more than three decades. Since 1977 he has written by his own count more than 3,000 editorials in the newspaper.

Now he has written a book entitled "The Emergency State: America's Pursuit of Absolute National Security at All Costs".

"The emergency state is what we use instead of the Constitution in emergencies. And we keep using more and more of it, for example undeclared wars, for example classified information that Congress cannot debate. It has really unbalanced our constitutional system," he told U.S. television station CBS.

In writing the book, Prof. Unger discovered that the emergency state is hardly a new phenomenon.

"This goes way back, and this is what I really learned doing the book. Because it was all the rage to talk about Bush and Cheney and unconstitutional, but very little of what they did was brand new. They put their signature on it, no doubt about it, but it goes back to FDR, it goes back to before Pearl Harbor when he was trying to get the United States into the Atlantic war and bypass Congress and public opinion on that."

To listen to Prof. Unger discuss his book with CBS News, click here.

To hear Prof. Unger in person, come take a class from him at SAIS Bologna. Last term he taught "Policies and Politics of the American Emergency State".

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Alin said...

And yet, this is only one example of the great mix of faculty staff with the fingers on the pulse of world events. The list could continue with Antonio Missirolli, Policy Advisor at the European Commission; Erik Jones, with relevant experience on the European Economic Integration and a Senior Research Fellow at Oxford, and so on.

Also, during 2000 - 2001, the Nobel laureate in Economics, Robert Mundell, was among the visiting faculty staff at SAIS Bologna. Perhaps, this is why BC has a strong international economics focus, and offers the best International Relations Master's Programs in the world (,1).