Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting close to the finish line

The deadline for financial aid applications passed last week. Now you should have finished completing any forms and documents for SAIS. It must be a relief.

This time next week the interviews will be over.

SAIS will communicate decisions relating to both admissions and financial aid in mid-March.

In April, there will be several events – both in-person and online – which will allow admitted students to
become more familiar with SAIS and to meet people within the SAIS community: students, professors, alumni and staff.

The deadline for enrollment will be April 20 for those who receive scholarships. Those who do not receive funds have until May 1.

What to do between now and mid-March?

If you need financial support, you should use the time to search for options outside of SAIS. As you know, we do offer scholarships, but you might need additional funds to make ends meet. The earlier you get started, the better.

Those who have not taken introductory microeconomics or macroeconomics, or who have not received the required grades in those courses, might consider looking for courses that will allow them to meet the requirement.

SAIS offers an online course that starts in late May and runs through most of the summer. Alternatively, students are welcome to look for other courses. To make sure the course covers the required contents, we ask that you send us the syllabus of the course you intend to take before enrolling.

Last but not least, you should continue to read this blog.

Do you have questions? If you do, you know how to reach us.

Amina Abdiuahab

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