Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quiz: What is in the statue's hand?

Time to step back from the admissions process and challenge yourself with a ...


The first person to answer the question correctly will win a Bologna Center tee shirt and a copy of the picture by current student Johannes Gartner that won our end-of-the-year photo contest.

Question: There is a statue at the top of a column in a central square in the city where one of Europe's greatest statesmen of the 20th century was born. The square is named after the statesman. What is in the statue's hand?

Hint: You can see the statue in this photo:

Nelson Graves


Anonymous said...

This must be Lille, in Northern France. The statue is the "Column of the Goddess", and she holds a linstock, the tool used to ignite cannons.

Ian Muir said...

A linstock! For lighting cannon fuses!

Miriama Hudáková said...

The Goddess is holding in her right hand what we called a blaster. The instrument was used to set of fire the cannon fuse. And it´s the city of Lille.

Joseph Sadek said...

As a student of France I thought of Charles de Gaulle. Then, I figured the French would probably call this place, Place de Charles de Gaulle. It's actually Place du General Charles de Gaulle. The goddess is holding a linstock used to light cannons, I found that here,

Nelson Graves said...

And we thought this was going to be a difficult quiz. We had five answers, all of them correct. I think our readers, as Joseph Sadek points out, needed more than a top-notch search engine to get the right answer. Why Lille? I was there earlier this week interviewing candidates from Sciences Po Lille for our 2014-15 program in Bologna. Sciences Po Lille is one of SAIS Europe's cooperative degree partners, along with the Diplomatic Academy, the University of Bologna and Leiden University. SAIS more generally has dual degree agreements with a number of other leading graduate programs. Thanks to all for playing, and congratulations to Andrew Beehler, who pipped Bologna Center alumnus Ian Muir by one minute.

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SAIS Europe

Andrew, congratulations you were the first to respond correctly. We would like to send you the prizes you won. Could you send us your address at Many thanks.