Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"The students make it all worthwhile": new SAIS Europe Director Plummer

What is SAIS Europe's number one priority?

The student experience, says the next director of the Bologna Center.

Prof. Michael Plummer spelled out his priorities and challenges in an interview, six months before he takes over from Dr. Kenneth Keller as director of SAIS Europe.

Prof. Michael Plummer
Plummer listed his priorities: improving the student experience, raising SAIS's profile, deepening relations with partner institutions and remaining close to alumni.

What sets SAIS Europe apart? Its academic environment, the chance to study one year in Europe and a second in the United States, and the diversity of the Bologna Center community, he said.

A Bologna Center alumnus, Plummer said the integration of SAIS DC and SAIS Europe would benefit students and faculty, and he predicted "a very exciting menu of concentrations in the future."

He had never expected to be a professor at SAIS Europe, not to mention being director. "We have great staff to work with here, we have wonderful colleagues, and the students, of course, make it all worthwhile."

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