Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One SAIS, one newspaper

SAIS students have plenty of outlets for their creative instincts, including writing, film and journalism. Below, Michael St. Germain and Karishma Chanrai discuss their work on the multi-media school newspaper, The SAIS Observer.

Q: What is the Observer and what purpose does it serve at SAIS?
Michael: The SAIS Observer is the international student newspaper that aims to culturally connect all 3 campuses and aims to keep students updated on all inter-campus news. Current events, opinions and freedom of speech are important facets of being good citizens and students of international relations. 

Q: Why did you decide to work for the Observer? What do you do?
Karishma: Because of my background in documentary and news production, the Observer was an opportunity for me to practice my production skills as well as learn more about the SAIS community.

Michael: I applied for the Assistant Editor position because I wanted to learn about the most serious issues facing the school on all three continents. 
The SAIS Observer team at the Bologna Center
Q: How is the experience benefiting you?
Karishma: It’s great being able to meet more people in the SAIS community through interviews and through learning more about the issues facing the school. The SAIS Observer staff is really creative and great to learn from.

Q: What’s the favorite piece you’ve worked on this year? Why?
Karishma: I filmed a short film on refugees in Italy after the tragedy in Lampedusa this past year. One of the goals this year for the Observer is to try and report on local news and current Italian affairs. 

Michael: I really enjoyed spending time with Bart Drakulich, the SAIS Europe Director of Finance and Administration, becoming familiar with SAIS’s finances and reporting on what drives our tuition cost and where the tuition dollars go.  

Q: What are the goals for the Observer?
Karishma: It is really exciting working on a school newspaper that is still in its beginning stages. We’re planning on holding events and debates to greater involve the SAIS community. 

Michael: The other big thing we’re doing is improving our simultaneous publishing capability. It’s not easy coordinating across all three campuses!

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