Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gathering in Manila

SAIS graduates go into a wide variety of careers upon graduating. Many choose multilateral organizations, which are keen to take advantage of the mix of skills SAIS students typically offer.

One of those organizations is the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Recently, Çiğdem Akin, who taught at SAIS for four years before shifting to the ADB earlier this year, organized a lunch for SAIS alumni at the development bank's headquarters in Manila.
Çiğdem Akin (front row, 2nd from right) and SAIS alumni at the ADB in Manila

Ten SAIS alumni joined Çiğdem and former adjunct Prof. Patricia Moser at the gathering. All of them hold positions at the ADB except Nathaniel Young (BC05/DC06), who is the political officer at the U.S. embassy in Manila.

The multilateral sector, including the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and International Monetary Fund, attracted 12% of SAIS's Class of 2012. The breakdown by other sectors, as outlined in this report, was private sector (47%), nonprofit (19%), public sector (18%), multilateral (12%), fellowships (2%) and further study (2%).

As the variety of career choices indicates, SAIS graduates offer a compelling mix of qualifications -- global awareness, analytical acumen, an ability to understand and apply economics, language and cultural skills -- that are well suited for tackling today's complex problems.

Nelson Graves

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