Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SAIS Europe's new partner: Leiden University of the Netherlands

SAIS Europe and Leiden University have reached an agreement that allows students to earn two master's degrees in two years -- expanding the Bologna Center's reach and offering new learning opportunities to international relations scholars.

The accord, signed in Leiden on October 17, is modeled on SAIS Europe's existing agreements with its three other European partners: the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, the University of Bologna and Sciences Po Lille.

Prof. Wim van den Doel (L) and Nelson Graves
signing the agreement linking Leiden and SAIS Europe
The agreements allow a student to study for a year at one of the Bologna Center's partners and a second year at SAIS Europe and earn two master's. Students who start at SAIS Europe and finish at the partner program receive a Bologna Center Diploma and a master's degree from the other university.

These agreements allow students to broaden their horizons and take advantage of complementary academic curricula. They raise Johns Hopkins SAIS's profile in the partner universities -- all of them prestigious institutions in their own right -- and highlight the Bologna Center's deep roots in its host continent. Finally, they can cut the cost of obtaining a master's at SAIS Europe by one half.

Students in the dual degree programs must be admitted separately to each institution. Students who take advantage of the dual degree agreements and who finish their studies at SAIS Europe receive the Bologna Center's Master of Arts in International Affairs (MAIA). During their year in Bologna they take six courses and write a 20,000-word thesis.

The MAIA agreements are in addition to SAIS's dual degree accords with several U.S. universities plus INSEAD, which lead to the MA in International Relations from SAIS.

The new agreement with Leiden University links SAIS Europe with the Dutch university's International Relations program, which has two MA specializations: European Union Studies and International Studies.
The aim of Leiden's one-year EU Studies programme is to explore the economic, legal and political developments of the EU since its creation, notably by looking at the internal and external developments of post-war Europe to understand current problems and issues. The interdisciplinary specialization in the one-year International Studies program is primarily concerned with the interrelationship between global, regional and national ideas and policies.

The Leiden-SAIS Europe agreement was signed by Prof. Wim van den Doel, dean of the faculty of Humanities at Leiden, and Prof. Kenneth Keller, director of SAIS Europe, who was represented in Leiden by Nelson Graves, director student recruitment and admissions.

Nelson Graves

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