Thursday, October 3, 2013

Your chance(s) to learn more about SAIS

Summer is over and the weather is turning chilly. That means recruiting season is upon us.

It's when we reach out to as many prospective students as possible. How?

Over the next few months we’ll be holding information sessions both in person and online. We hope as many of you who are thinking of applying as possible will be able to attend one or more of the events.

If you cannot -- we know we cannot see all of you in person and that the online sessions may not work with your schedules -- Nelson and I are always available to speak to prospective applicants. You can reach us via email at, Skype (jhubc.admissions) or the telephone (+39 051 29 17 811).

Here is a calendar of events:.


- Oct 17: Leiden University, Netherlands (1330/1130 GMT)
- Oct 18: Sciences Po Lille, France (time to be announced)
- Oct 21: University of Bologna, Forli', Italy (1100/0900 GMT)
- Oct 22: University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy (1400/1200 GMT)
- Oct 22: Greek Foreign Affairs Youth, Athens, Greece (1900/1600 GMT)
- Oct 23: University of Piraeus, Greece (1400/1100 GMT)
- Oct 23: Institute of International Relations, Panteion University, Athens, Greece (1800/1500 GMT)
- Oct 29: University of Edinburgh, UK (time to be announced)
- Oct 29: University of St. Louis, Madrid, Spain (time to be announced)
- Oct 31: University Aberystwyth, UK (time to be announced)
- Oct 31: AEGEE ZaraAgora Fair, Zaragoza, Spain (1400/1300 GMT)
- Nov 5: Dickinson College, Bologna campus, Italy (1230/1130 GMT)
- Nov 5: Vienna, Austria (time/location to be announced)
- Nov 6: Diplomatic Academy, Vienna, Austria (time to be announced)
- Nov 13: Leuven, Belgium (time/location to be announced)
- Dec 6: SAIS Europe Open Day, Bologna, Italy


- Oct 23: online session with focus on the statement of purpose (1600/1400 GMT)
- Oct 25: with University of Konstanz (time to be announced)
- Nov 4: with SIB-Utrecht, Netherlands (2000/1900 GMT)
- Nov 26: online session with focus on letters of recommendation (1000/0900 GMT)
- Dec 12: online session with focus on the analytical essay (1600/1500 GMT)

If you are interested in participating in any of these sessions and would like more information, please send an email to, and we'll get back to you.

You know we like questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you have on the program, the application procedure or SAIS in general.

Amina Abdiuahab

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