Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SAIS Europe's Open Day: "Your move"

The poster for our Open Day in December features the image of a chess knight against the backdrop of a chess board and next to the words, "Your move."

The poster was the brainchild of Britt Johnson, a SAIS Europe student with experience in design who will enter the U.S. Foreign Service when she finishes her two-year master's program.

The theme of chess to illustrate Open Day occurred to Britt during a class in "Theories of International Relations" with Prof. Marco Cesa.

"The knight represents the use of force," she said. "How does one respond to the use of force? What is the alternative? These are questions that interest SAIS students."

Britt studied political science and public health as an undergraduate at Vanderbilt University in the U.S. As a Pickering fellow she receives funding to prepare her to enter the U.S. State Department. While an undergraduate she worked as a graphic designer, TV news anchor and producer, and intern at the Food and Drug Administration and the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health.

Britt says she chose SAIS because it offers her the chance to study in DC and also extend her horizon by coming to Bologna. "We're studying history in real time," she said, noting that SAIS Europe held a panel discussion on Syria soon after the use of chemical weapons there.

Britt, who designed the Open Day poster with my Admissions colleague, Amina Abdiuahab, said participants in the December 6 event will be able to see SAIS students engage with each other.

"They will be able to see the interaction of different cultures," said Britt, adding that SAIS Europe students share a feeling that "something needs to be done" in the world.
Britt Johnson (R) and Amina working on
the Open Day poster

"People here feel something is missing in the world. When they graduate, they will be the ones who will play a role in fixing things."

On Open Day, SAIS Europe invites prospective applicants to come meet students, faculty and staff, and to explore both the Bologna Center and the city of Bologna. We try to make sure visiting students are accommodated in student apartments.

To register for Open Day, click here.

Nelson Graves


Carin Robert said...

When is the last day for registration?

Johns Hopkins
SAIS Europe

Carin, thank you for your question. We've not set a deadline for registration. That said, the sooner you can register the better, especially if you plan on staying with a current student. If you have other questions, feel free to comment on this post or write to us at I hope we can meet at the Open Day.