Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Student Life: "A fantastic place for students"

From mathematical formulas to candidates' platforms for student elections: the writing is on the wall.

Two and a half weeks after SAIS Europe inaugurated a new study space, students are putting it through the paces.

I snuck into the new room today and saw students at desktop computers and laptops, some with cups of espresso nearby. Some had scribbled on the walls with the erasable ink pens provided by the Bologna Center.

"It's my living room," said Gena Kosmidou, as she settled into the second week of classes.

Said Rachel Finan: "The room provides a fantastic place for students to do group work, use the computers and relax between classes."

The new room, supported by the Class of 1981, is brainstorming central at SAIS Europe.

"It's a great space for students to learn from each other," commented Britt Johnson.

"The room is the perfect blend of a professional setting that has powerful technological tools, but it's also a space where people can gather for work or play", says Derek Schlickeisen.

Want to get a feel for the room? Here's a video peek.

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