Thursday, October 10, 2013

Student Life: Fundraising for "A Nightmare Before Mid-terms"

SAIS students have many talents. Last week they were able to put their cooking skills on the table to raise funds for a Halloween party. Below Nicola Hil tells us more about the event, which attracted more than 80 students.

SAIS Europe's Class of 2014 kicked off October and the Fall Semester with an “International Halloween Potluck” on October 1. The event, which took full advantage of the new student lounge, was a fundraiser for the annual SAIS Halloween Party, which this year will be held on October 26 and has been dubbed, "A Nightmare Before Midterms".

The student lounge is a perfect location for this kind of event. Student cooks wrote a menu of their dishes on the whiteboard walls and laid out the food on tables rolled into a new formation to allow easy access.

The more than 20 cooks made an assortment of dishes including Spring Rolls, Filippino Pancit, Chow Mein, Chili, Guacamole and Macedonian Avjar. Among the deserts: Torta Barozzi, Coconut Pie, Tiramisu Cups, Walnut Pie and a mountain of Crêpes.

Students filled the new lounge, enjoying food and conversation after a long day of classes. The event raised 375 euros towards the Halloween Party while showcasing the cultures, cooking skills and community spirit at SAIS. The only downside was that the food disappeared within fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile, the student-run Halloween Planning Committee is hard at work on the upcoming party. The committee is organizing the venue, refreshments, entertainment, fundraising and ticket sales (which are available every weekday from 1230-1430 in the SAIS Europe lobby).

To get the whole SAIS Community involved, Vanessa Roy designed a poster on display in Giulio’s Bar that tracks progress towards the 800-euro fundraising goal. Coming fundraising events include 50/50 raffles at weekly happy hours.

Nicola Hil (BC14/DC15)

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