Monday, April 11, 2011

SAIS students and democratic development

Many of our readers will recognize this acronym: CCSDD.

We've had two posts already on the Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development. In one,  CCSDD Director Justin Frosini discussed the work of this partnership between SAIS Bologna and the University of Bologna Law School.

Another post examined a two-day seminar on Islam and Europe.

Today at SAIS Bologna, the CCSDD hosted a day-long workshop on electoral management in transitional countries. Here is a program.

We highlight this workshop for two reasons.

First, it drew experts in democratic transitions. Second, it involved SAIS Bologna students in the preparation of the workshop and in case studies on Georgia, South Ossetia, East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq and Poland.

In the video below, you will see Prof. Erik Jones and Prof. Forsini introduce the workshop. Then I speak with Elizabeth Hegedus-Berthold and Ryan Miller about their work at the CCSDD. Both Elizabeth and Ryan are paid interns at the Center.

We get lots of questions about internships in Bologna. Elizabeth and Ryan are examples of two students who are involved in internships that expand their intellectual horizons and earn them money.

Nelson Graves

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