Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly quiz

Before we get to the weekly quiz, an update on where we stand. The Bologna Center will be closed April 17-26. We will be checking email during that period, but if you do not hear from us quite as quickly as you normally do, don't worry. We will respond. 

Open House will take place on May 5&6. If you need a visa for Italy, please make sure you plan in advance. Getting a tourist visa is fairly straightforward, but sometimes it can be tricky. Make sure you contact us if you face any difficulties in obtaining your visa.

For candidates who applied to SAIS Bologna through the Bologna Admissions Office, the deadline for matriculation is May 16.

If you have not met the economics entry requirement, you will receive an email soon after April 27. As you know, we offer an online course over the summer  and the deadline to enroll is May 17. We know you'll meet the deadline! 

Now, on to the quiz:

What is the name of the art work in the center of the picture and where exactly is it located?

Picture by Elisabeth Mondl, BC 2011
Amina Abdiuahab


Anonymous said...

it is Fontana Del Nettuno in Bologna.


Stellina said...

The Fountain of Neptune (Fontana di Nettuno), in the eponymous square, Piazza Nettuno, next to Piazza Maggiore, in Bologna, Italy

Góes said...

That's the Fontana di Nettuno in Downtown Bologna, just near the Piazza Maggiore.

Nelson Graves said...

A late entry from Sofya Nazmetdinova: "my answer - Neptune fountain in Piazza Maggiore, Bologna."

Yes, that is Neptune with his trident, stilling the waters. It is a 16th century work of art in Piazza Nettuno, next to Piazza Maggiore in Bologna. Stellina was the first with the complete answer -- and wins a free lunch at Giulio's. Shalva, Góes and Sofya win free cappuccini. We could take the cappuccini at one of the many caffè near the fountain.