Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekly quiz

It has been four months, almost to the day, since we launched this blog. It has been fun for us. We hope it has been useful for our readers.

We realize there have been imperfections and we could have done a lot of things much better. ("The perfect is the enemy of the good." - Who said that?) With your help, we will try to be better in the future.

We do feel that it has opened up a line of communication with prospective applicants and, now, with admitted candidates. We realize that some readers will turn to other forms of entertainment as the admissions cycle winds down. Thank you for your loyal readership.

We intend to keep up the pace of daily posts until mid-May. Admitted candidates will have lots of questions until the May 16 deadline for matriculation. Then we will continue posting at a slightly less torrid pace until the summer holidays kick in, when we will taper off somewhat but not completely. Come September, when prospective candidates start scouting for academic opportunities, we'll offer more regular posts.

We'd like to expand the type of posts that we offer and to include more input from readers. We are thinking of polls and consumer-generated content. Your thoughts are welcome, either via the comment space or in an email.

Please remember that you can subscribe to this blog via email by filling out the box on the right-hand side of the page. RSS feeds are also available. SAIS is also present on Facebook and Twitter.

This map shows our blog's readership rankings by countries (I realize that some readers use servers in other countries, so the rankings do not necessarily reflect where the readers live):

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As I write, we have had 17,953 page views.

Now, for the quiz. To keep on the same theme:

Which of our 82 posts has attracted the greatest number of pageviews?

Hint: Some candidates considered the post useful during the final admissions push.

For some reason I am having difficulty publishing a comment at the end of our blog. So be it. Here is what I was trying to say:

I received this from Sophia at 7:02 pm last night: "my answer for Friday quiz is the following - post 'A chance to put your best foot forward' dated March 9, 2011."

Thank you, Góes and Sophia, for your answers. You’re on the right track but not quite there yet. It’s unusual for our readers to be stumped more than 12 hours after we publish the quiz. It’s also ironic that a question about which post has attracted the most attention from our readers would prove so difficult.

So here is a hint: the post in question features Room 216 and a lot of books.

I’ve practically given it away. This week’s prize: a free lunch at Giulio’s and a cappuccino.



I still cannot post a comment. So I will write here ...

Both Anonymous and Fracuo are correct. Well done. It was indeed "Seeing how you think" on February 21, starring Erik Jones, professor of European Studies. Clearly Prof. Jones's insights into interviews attracted attention. I'd love to offer two lunches, but I wouldn't be able to recognize Anonymous, whereas I know who Fracuo is. Thanks to all for playing.

Nelson Graves


Góes said...

Mr Graves,

I'd say its this mid-February post:

The following one ( states: "Before the fun begins, a statistic: yesterday this blog received more pageviews than on any other day since we launched it in December. Thank you readers."

Anonymous said...

The blog entry with Prof. Jones video on interviews.

fracuo said...

Mr Graves,
I'd say the interview with Professor Eirk Jones, whose office is in the room 216

Góes said...

Dear Mr Graves,

Could you make a map like the one in this post featuring where the the students admitted to the Centre this year come from?

Nelson Graves said...

Góes - Thank you very much for your suggestion. We will be sure to provide such a map this week.

In addition, this week we plan posts on a democracy workshop in Bologna and on Open House at SAIS DC for admitted students. Remember, the Open House in Bologna is May 5&6.