Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly quiz

Statistics, which of course never lie, show that our readership has tailed off in the past week. This could be because our posts have been bad. It could also be because candidates, many of whom have been wrestling with difficult decisions, are tired of thinking about graduate school -- at least for now. Finally, there are holidays in many countries this time of year, and there might be better things to do on vacation than read this blog.

We do intend to throttle back on the posts after the May 16 deadline for admissions decisions for SAIS Bologna. Until then, we have many questions to answer. Carlos asked earlier this week for more information on housing; we will provide a post next week on that. We are getting quite a few questions about visas and also, of course, about finances. These are issues we need to address. Finally, my inbox is full of queries about pre-term and the economics requirements. We will write about those matters, too.

As you've heard me say many times before, we like feedback on this blog and especially suggestions on topics to cover. We aim to answer any and all questions. If there is something you think we should be discussing, please tell us.

Looking ahead, the Bologna Center's Alumni Weekend is April 29-May 1. We will take advantage of that to talk to alumni about their experiences at SAIS and afterwards. The SAIS Bologna Open House is May 5&6, and we'll give our readers a glimpse of that.

Speaking of Open House, click here if you want to see the program and the registration form. Do think of coming if you can. It's a great way to get to know the Center.

Now, the quiz. This week, a simple question:

An honorific academic title recently cited by Bologna Center Director Kenneth Keller in comments captured on film in this blog. What is the title?

The winner gets, yes, a free lunch at Giulio's -- as soon as Open House, if you come then.

Nelson Graves


Cono said...

Too difficult :-)

Is it a comment or a post?


Nelson Graves said...

Thank you, Cono. I think you are right. No one has guessed the answer, and usually by this hour we have several correct answers. I have adjusted the quiz question by adding Director Kenneth Keller's name. Someone who has been following the blog closely of late should now be able to answer. At least I hope so. We want these quizzes to be fun, not impossible.

Cono said...

Here we go, Director Keller speaks about Italian academic title for a Dean: "Magnifico Rettore"...

Ihssane said...

Could it be "JHU University Professor"? I doubt it's the right answer, but worth a shot!

Nelson Graves said...

Well done, Cono, and thank you Ihssane for taking a stab. The answer is indeed "Magnifico Rettore" (or "Rettore Magnifico"), the title of the head of the University of Bologna which SAIS Bologna Kenneth Keller mentioned at Open House in Washington. This was included in a video of the DC Open House that we posted on April 14. So Cono, you are entitled to a free lunch at Giulio's. But as your blogger profile has been blocked, how am I going to know who you are?

Cono said...

I am not a big fan of "Blogger" :-)!

I hope I successed to update my profile!
Anyway please to meet you Nelson and Isshane, I will be a JH student next year in Bologna and I am coming to Open Days in two weeks.


Nelson Graves said...

Thank you, Cono. You have, indeed, updated your profile. We look forward to seeing you at Open House, and to sharing lunch with you at Giulio's. Thanks again for being a loyal follower.