Monday, April 18, 2011

Winning photography

Today and tomorrow we will showcase some photography by current Bologna Center students. Below is a note by Courtney McCarty, a current student who helped to organize a photography contest. She provides some details and background on the contest. Below her note is the winning photograph by Nicolò Lanciotti. Tomorrow we will run several others that won different categories in the competition. 

Our SAIS class has a lot of different talents, and we've gotten to see that in many ways this year. We've seen (and heard) our classmates form a rock band, perform in a local orchestra and play various sports with the Bolognese, for example. But I had also noticed many classmates who take excellent photos. Every time I visited Facebook, one classmate or another had posted some amazing shots from their latest weekend trip to Morocco, or Sicily or even here in Bologna. Our student blog has highlighted some of that talent, but I thought it would be a good idea to have a photo contest/exhibit, in print format, to really show it off. 

So, I worked with the Student Government Association and school administration to make it happen. I sent out a call for submissions, asking for photos in the themes of Bologna, Italy, Travel and People, because these are the themes that have really defined our year here. I received 41 entries from 21 students, had them printed in a local photography shop and displayed them in the Library in a competition format.  About 1/4 of the students, plus some staff, participated in the voting, and we named winners last week. We're hoping to display some of the winning photos in different ways throughout SAIS. 

When seen in print format, the photos really were amazing, and it was great to see everyone's experiences in both Bologna and farther afield throughout this year. I have heard from both students and staff how great the photos looked and how impressed they were by the students' work.

Courtney McCarty

Morocco scene
by Nicolò Lanciotti
Nelson Graves

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