Monday, April 25, 2011

So many options

Last week, SAIS and INSEAD announced a dual-degree program. INSEAD, as most of you doubtless know, is a business school with campuses in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. More on the agreement below.

This new dual degree agreement gives me a chance to remind our readers of a couple of important things.

First, if a candidate is admitted to SAIS Bologna as a master's student, they are automatically admitted to SAIS DC for a second year provided they perform satisfactorily in Bologna. Some of our candidates have asked whether they have been admitted to SAIS DC or not, and whether they would have to apply to Washington from Bologna. The answer is that SAIS Bologna students do not have to apply for Washington.

Most of the Bologna Center students do a second year in Washington and at the end receive a Master's of Arts in International Relations.

This does not apply to MIPP candidates, of course, as they are enrolled for only one year and choose either the DC or the Bologna campus.

Alternatively, SAIS Bologna students may decide to purse an MAIA -- or a Master's of Arts in International Affairs. This is a two-year program with a thesis in the second year and 14 required course credits over the two years instead of 16.

A few students stay in Bologna for two years and receive an MAIA. The MAIA is also offered as part of our dual-degree programs with the Università di Bologna (both the Bologna and Forlì campuses), and with the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna. So a student can do one year at one of those universities and a second year at SAIS Bologna and receive two degrees.

We also have an agreement with Sabancı University in Istanbul. A SAIS Bologna student can do a first year in Bologna and a second year at Sabancı, and receive the Bologna Center diploma and a master's from Sabancı. This path could be interesting for someone who wants both exposure to a U.S.-style graduate program with an international perspective and the chance to study in Turkey, which is playing an increasingly important regional and international role.

Many of you know that SAIS has a range of dual-degree programs with U.S. universities. Students can receive a master's from SAIS as well as a business degree from Wharton or Tuck; a public health degree from Johns Hopkins; a juris doctorate degree from Stanford or the University of Virginia; or a public administration degree from Syracuse University.

A student can study at SAIS Bologna and also participate in one of these dual degree programs. Keep in mind that one must apply to both SAIS and the other institution separately to be enrolled.

For more information on these dual-degree options, click here.

Now, back to the INSEAD agreement. As the announcement indicates, students can now receive an M.A. from SAIS and an M.B.A. from INSEAD after 2-1/2 years of study, compared to the three years required if done separately. Students admitted to both programs will spend 1-1/2 years at SAIS and one year at INSEAD. Students can start at either SAIS Bologna or SAIS DC, with the third semester in Washington.

As SAIS Dean Jessica Einhorn said: "We are confident that, with INSEAD as our partner, the students who pursue dual degrees will find that the whole is greater than the sum of such excellent parts, and doors will open for superb careers of international engagement.”

If anyone has any questions on these various options -- which together open up a wide range of career options -- please send them along.

Nelson Graves


Cono said...

Is it possible be enrolled in a specialization like Middle East studies, and after 1 year and 1/2 being enrolled at INSEAD for the last year?

Does this candidate would have an M.A. with Middle East specialization and an M.B.A.?

Nelson Graves said...

Cono - I know of no restriction on the concentration that one can undertake at SAIS and still participate in the dual-degree program with INSEAD. I can imagine a fantastic curriculum in Middle East Studies at SAIS, followed by a year at INSEAD. For more detailed information, please write to Sidney Jackson (, who is the head of admissions at SAIS DC. Thanks much.

Anonymous said...

This is such an incredible opportunity! It is amazing that students can explore so many different fields. Thank you for giving us these global options!(Dorina)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing opportunity!
What I dont get however is whether or not you have to apply completely independeently to the Insead part, which includes taking the GRE/GMAT and as Insead writes on their homepage a "work experience of 2-10 years". Is that the case?

Nelson Graves said...

Yes, one would have to apply independently to INSEAD, just as an INSEAD student would have to apply to SAIS independently.